03 Apr 2021

Having a fake follower on an Instagram page will be a serious threat to any Instagram business. Because this issue is not very pleasant, both from the point of view of the audience and Instagram, and everyone knows that pages that have fake followers are usually not trustworthy!

Fake or inactive followers may be present on your page, consciously or unconsciously. Buying Instagram followers is one of the ways to send fake followers to your page with your own hands. Sometimes, fake followers enter your page without your knowledge. This happens when you advertise for your page. Of course in some cases!

Deleting fake Instagram followers is one of the major concerns of Instagram admins. Always looking for a fake follower removal site or an inactive Instagram follower removal program.

What is the solution now? How can we identify and delete our Instagram fake followers? In this article, I want to introduce you to new ways to remove fake Instagram followers manually and with the program. So if you are looking for a fake follower removal site or program, stay with me until the end of this article.

What is Instagram Fake Follower?
In a word, follower fake is a profile on Instagram that has no owner! That is, it has been created only once and has entered your page, for example. No one owns this profile who wants to interact with you. This means that if you publish a post, no one will like your post. From ancient times until now, the number of Instagram followers of a page has been the main criterion of its credibility and success.

This is why many owners of Instagram pages buy Instagram followers in different ways, which eventually lead to a lot of fake and unreal followers on their page.

What is a soul follower? What is the difference with follower fake?
You may have heard the name follower of the soul or inactive follower many times. Spirit followers have no properties for your page and in a way they are unreal followers because they will not have any interaction with your page.

Spirit followers are real profiles on Instagram, but they do not interact with you for any reason! Either they do not like to interact with you or according to the new Instagram algorithm, they may not see your posts and stories. This causes us to put the name of soul follower or inactive on this group of followers.

How does Instagram follower fake destroy your business?
Instagram follower fake is a scourge that has taken the collar of many Instagram businesses and is helping them to decline day by day. As I mentioned before, these fake followers may have consciously and even subconsciously entered Instagram pages. It is important to identify and delete them.

One of the reasons for using fake followers is to reach 10 followers and activate the link in the story or as the famous saying goes (kill above). In any case, these followers are of no use, which can cause a sharp drop in Instagram pages in interaction with their users. How is that possible now? I will explain in detail below.

Instagram algorithm is smart!
Instagram’s new algorithm has become very smart and can easily distinguish real from unreal followers. For this reason, it opposes pages that have fake or inactive followers and does not allow them to grow.

Impact of real followers

For example, if the posts you publish do not have a good interaction in the first half hour, that is, they do not have good likes, comments, saves and subscriptions, they will not be displayed for all your followers at all! This will affect other cases as well. For example, if the interaction with your new posts is low, it will not have a chance to appear in Explorer and hashtags, and this is how Instagram does not allow you to grow normally because it does not trust your page.

Danger of blocking your page forever
Also, having a large number of fake followers will bring you another risk. That is, Instagram blocks your page. We have seen many Instagram pages that have been permanently disabled for no apparent reason and could not be returned. The only reason for this is the large number of fake followers.

With a follower, your credit will be questioned
After all, your credit is at stake. When you attract new and real followers and when they see that the current followers’ interaction with you is very low (very few likes and comments), they realize that you did not value your business and customers and used unreal followers. . Today’s users have become very smart and understand these things well.

How to identify fake Instagram followers?
There are many ways to identify fake and unreal followers on Instagram that we can use. We can check this manually without wanting to use the follower detection program.

Usually, unrealistic and fake profiles on Instagram have special features. For example, they do not have a proper profile picture or not at all. Their username and page name are meaningless. They usually have high followers but very few followers. Most of the followers are fake private and you will not be accepted at all when you follow them. Also, the number of their posts is usually zero or very low!

One simple way to identify fake Instagram followers is to post over a period of time and monitor the behavior of your page followers. See for example


19 Feb 2021

Do You Want To Increase Telegram Users For Free? Running a Telegram channel has its own tricks.

No one can just create a channel and expect members to join.

If you want to attract Telegram users to your channels, you must use certain strategies besides creating engaging content.

In this article, we are going to discuss some helpful strategies to boost your Telegram channel:

Determine The Goal Of Creating Your Channel
Many people who begin running a Telegram channel, are not actually determined about what goal they want to pursue in their channel.

As a result, they will end up changing the link of the channel or the name of it, after a while.

But this action will have a negative effect on their channel.

So, before creating your channel, make sure you have a determined plan for it.

What goal do you want this channel to pursue? Does your content reflect this goal? Does your channel name related to this goal?

What Is the name of your channel engaging enough? Is your channel profile photo attractive enough?

Send Messages In The Proper Size
The posts you send to your Telegram channel, must be in proper size.

What is the best methods for increase real Telegram members?

It’s better if you try to post messages that are just as long as the phone’s screen.

This way, the members who read your post.

Won’t have to scroll in order to be able to read your content.

This is the most proper way of sending messages in your channel.

This is a trick of increasing Telegram users.

Quara For Increase Telegram User
Quora For Increase Telegram User

Quora Can Help You To Increase Telegram Users
Visiting Quora, you will find a lot of questions that people ask regarding Telegram issues.

Try to find the answer of those questions and reply to them with your answer.

Then, leave your Telegram channel link following your answer.

This way, people who read your answer will be interested to visit your channel.

Just make sure you do this trick regarding only Telegram-related question.

For increase telegram users just need to buy Telegram members with cheap price.

Use The Right Media To Engage Users
Images have a strong effect on engaging and attracting readers.

They attract Telegram users and make them pay attention to the content. But that’s not all.

Photos also help you to deliver the message in a better way to readers.

Short videos can also be a really good choice to attract members, since studies show that videos are one of the most popular types of media sent in social media.

If you decide to use photos and videos in your Telegram channel, you must also pay attention to a couple of factors.

Such a the loading speed of your channel.

Using too many photos and videos, can lower the loading speed of your channel.

Therefore, you must make sure not to over do it.

Try Having A Test Channel
If you are a Telegram channel admin and you want to increase your Telegram members, having a test channel can be a key trick for you.

Create a test channel for yourself with no members but you.

This way, you can always firstly send the content that you want to post in your channel, to this test channel.

This trick let’s you be able to review the post from a reader’s view point.

Is everything okay with this message that you intent to send in your channel? Is it attracting and buy targeted Telegram members?

Does Is it written using the right language rules? it just as long as the phone’s screen or do you have to scroll through the channel in order to read it?

Imagine yourself as one of the channel users who are going to read this post in your channel.

Check if they will find it engaging. Make edits if necessary.

Then, you can copy the message and send it to your Telegram channel.

buy telegram members
Let Telegram Users Contact You

Let Telegram Users Contact You
Every Telegram channel has an info section in which you can introduce your channel to readers.

Make sure you share some contact information in this section, in case readers would want to contact you.

For example, you can type your personal Telegram ID in this section.

suggest article: Telegram add group members

Since Telegram readers will probably find Telegram IDs to be the fastest and easiest contact way.

When you let members contact you, they can share with you their suggestions to improve the channel.

Additionally, it helps you create a helpful relationship with your members, which will make your members feel closer to you, your channel and your content.

Use Prizes And Competitions
Try to hold competitions from time to time in your channel.

Give prizes to the winners in order to attract Telegram users to take part in the competition.

The competitions that you hold in your channel can wary in topic.

The topic of this competition can be simply introducing your channel to other people, or it can be about a goal related to your

Start With Buying Members Or Free Methods
When you first create a Telegram channel, it can be challenging to attract free Telegram members and subscribers.

Since your channel probably doesn’t have a lot of member at the beginning, the users who view your channel will notice it and leave the channel.

So what’s the solution? You can try buying members as a beginner-strategy.

But make sure you do not buy more than 500 fake members.

You can also start with friends and family. Ask them to join your channel as you have just created the channel.

Similar Telegram Channels
Similar Telegram Channels

Be Inspired By Similar Telegram Channels
Search for popular channels which have a similar topic as your channel.

For example, if you are creating a fun channel, have a research to find popular and big fun Telegram channels.

Let them inspire you, but make sure you do not copy them.

What kind of content do they use to attract Telegram users? Observe their creating and posting content.

Use Telegram Channel Dictionaries
These website categorize Telegram channels by topic, and introduce them to visitors.

Enter the name and the link of your channel in these dictionaries.

This way, for example, when someone is searching for fun Telegram channels(or any other category) in google, they will come to the name of your channel and may join.

Use Other Social Media To Increase Telegram Users
Link your Telegram channel to every social media account you have.

Put the link of your Telegram channel in the bio section of social networks.

This way, people who visit your social media account, may be encouraged to check your Telegram channels.

11 Feb 2021

If you want to know how to buy UC PubJi Mobile or you want to buy UC PubJi and you do not know how to proceed, you do not need to search.
Here we have not only introduced the ways to buy UC PubJi Mobile, but also provided a guaranteed offer, an offer with which you can have a good experience in buying UC PubJi.
To buy Yossi Pabji, you must act consciously and carefully to prevent possible losses. Therefore, we recommend that you be with us until the end, because we have mentioned the most effective points in this way.
Information about Pabji Mobile game
PubJie is one of the most popular digital games that was initially only available on the PC system, but with the passage of time and the progress of its creators, versions entered the digital world and run on mobile operating systems. Pabji Mobile game is one of the most widely used mobile games in the world due to its high quality graphics, attractive nature and thousands of other features; So that now millions of people from all over the world are among its users.
This digital online game generally includes challenges and steps that the player must make every effort to go through and survive, challenges and steps that are the most important factor in the attractiveness of Pabji game.
Buying Yossi Pabji Mobile is an effective step to victory
There are several tricks and tips to win the Pabji Mobile game, one of the most important of which is to buy UC. As you know, Yossi is a title that refers to the special money of this game.
It is worth mentioning that buying Yossi Pabji Mobile is not only a step but also several effective steps to win, because survival in this game environment largely depends on the player’s facilities, the facilities that you can provide with Yossi and On the way to victory, use the fuel store of the game with ease.
To get UCI, you have to buy it through real payments, which is done through various methods and references. Usi Pabji Mobile shopping methods for Iranian players are in fact websites that are considered a bridge in this direction and provide shopping services for applicants.


15 Oct 2020

You want to introduce yourself more and have a strong resume;
You plan to produce content on a specific topic and publish it on the site;
Or, you want to sell a product on the site;
Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it with the help of the site. Of course, before that, you get a little involved with the site building process. Of course, do not worry, we will guide you in this complete article.

What is the easiest way to build a site?

Undoubtedly, the first question that comes to the minds of many is how to create a site? There are several ways to build a site. But the question is, which method is more suitable for you? The answer to this question depends on two factors. First, your experience and knowledge in the field of site design, and second, the budget you have set aside for this work.

Read more:
Why is site design necessary for our business?
Collaborator for the development and realization of your dreams / site design and your future
One way to build a site is to contract with a company to design the site for you. This method does not require technical knowledge and the company does zero to one hundred site construction work.

Another way is to create a site yourself using WordPress or other content management systems. To do this, you need to learn how to design a site with content management systems.

But there is a third way, which is to use site builders or store builders to build an online store or site. Working with these services is so easy and simple that anyone can easily create their own site without the need for knowledge and expertise in site design.

Whichever method you use, you must select a domain for the site:

Choose the right domain for the site

One of the most important things to consider when building a website is choosing the right domain. Your site domain should be as short and simple as possible. It is also easy to remember and meaningful. Do not rush to find the right name and take some time to have a good name for the site.

Another thing that many ask me is the ir domain difference. And com. Is. The main difference between the two extensions is in the use of Google advertising services. You have probably seen in Google sources that a number of links are preceded by two letters Ad. These links are advertising, and because the site owner paid Google for the ads, the link is in your search. Unfortunately, due to sanctions, .ir domains will not be able to use this feature.

Web design

How much does a site design cost?

If you leave the job of building the site to a site design company, you should spend at least 2 or 3 million tomans. Of course, companies charge this amount to build a regular site with WordPress. But if you want to have a dedicated site, you should know that the price of designing a dedicated site is at least 40 million Tomans.

The cost of using site builders depends on the service provider company. For example, the portal site builder, which is one of the oldest and most widely used site builders, receives 540 thousand tomans annually for a typical site. Portal store building packages also start from 1,080,000 Tomans per year.

What documents and permits are needed to launch the site?

If you want to have a traditional and physical business, you have to run and play paper for a long time so that you can get your startup licenses. But one of the great features of Internet business is that you do not need a special license to start a business. You can only get a token of trust if you want to get a direct banking gateway or if you want to increase your customers’ trust in you. Obtaining an ID is not mandatory, but you can easily get it online without leaving home.

Why should I have a website?

There are people who stay at home and make money online. Many people wake up early in the morning and go to work in traffic and crowds. Which one do you choose? Especially in these situations where we prefer not to leave the house too much because of the corona.

13 Oct 2020

Understand what your audience wants to find.
The power of keyword research lies in how you better understand the purpose of the market and how users search for your products, services, and content.

Keyword research provides you with specific search information that you can answer with questions such as the following.

What are people looking for?
How many people are looking for it?
In what format do they want it?
In this chapter, you will learn the tools and strategies that cover this information, as well as the tactics that teach you to avoid weak keywords and to produce strong content. Once you understand how your audience is searching for your content, you will learn a whole new world of SEO strategies.

What reforms are people looking for?
You may know what you are doing, but how do people look for the products, services and information you provide? Answering this question is the first important step in the keyword research process.

Discover keywords
You may have a number of keywords in mind that you want to rank on your site. Keywords such as products, services or positions that your site is relevant to, well to start with the same information, you can also use free tools to find keywords. It is also a good idea to consider the volume of similar keywords and the users who are looking for them (search volume for the same keyword), we will discuss it more in the following sections, but in the discovery phase, this can Help you figure out which keyword is more popular and used by users.

Once you put your keyword into the search engine, you will find new keywords, frequently asked questions, and new topics for your content that you may not have thought of and thought about covering.

For example, let’s use florists who specialize in weddings.

Typing “wedding” and “florist” in a keyword research tool may lead to the discovery of highly relevant and searched terms such as the following:

Bridal Bouquet
Wedding flowers
Sell ​​wedding flowers
In the process of discovering relevant keywords for your content, you may find that the search volume for keywords can vary greatly. You definitely want to include titles that your audience and customers are looking for. In some cases it is better to target low search keywords as well because it is easier to compete in this area than to compete with high search keywords.

Since keywords with high and low competition have their own advantages and disadvantages for your website, having more information about search volume can change your keyword prioritization and choose the keyword for your site. Give your site a strategic advantage.

Important Note: Have variety!

It is important to note that your entire site does not rank for keywords, but it is the pages that increase your ranking. If you have noticed, the main page of famous sites and brands have a very good rank in most keywords, but this is not the case for most sites. Most of the organic traffic coming to the site is through pages other than the main page of the site. That’s why enriching your site and pages with valuable keywords is so important.

How often are these terms searched?
Discover search volume
The higher the search volume for a keyword or other keywords, the longer and more effort it will take to achieve a higher ranking. This is more commonly known as keyword difficulty and is sometimes combined with SERP attributes; For example, if SERP attributes (such as snippets, knowledge charts, rotators, etc.) cover a keyword on the results page, the difficulty of the keyword increases, because big brands often have 10 results. They get high-volume keywords first, so if you are new to your site and want to make room for yourself with these keywords, your search for results in the results can take years.

Typically, the higher the search volume, the more effort and competition it takes to find the right place among the searches. However, do not go for keywords with a very low search engine because you run the risk of your site being blocked by a search engine. It is best to look for keywords that are highly searchable and have little competition. In this case, you can easily find a place for yourself in the results. This type of SEO is called a long-tail keyword.

Perception of long tail
It sounds great to get the first rank for a word like “shoes” doesn’t it?

It’s great to work with a keyword that has 50,000 or even 5,000 searches per month, but in reality, these popular search terms make up only a small portion of all web searches. In fact, very high search volume keywords indicate vague intentions for them, if you target these terms, your site may encounter visitors whose goals do not match the content of your page.

19 Aug 2020

The first episode of Aghazadeh series was released hours before VOD platforms and, as expected, it is exactly the product that is expected from Ouj Cinema Organization. A glamorous, costly product that is allowed to cross red lines that no series or movie in Iran is allowed to approach. The peak has two categories of products, one that is very slogan-like and one that marginalizes products. Aghazadeh series, however, as its name implies, is one of those products that strikes the audience with a sledgehammer and does it in the most rude way possible.

In the pilot part of the series, its phase and purpose are determined. We are going to face the corrupt and underground world of nobles and some officials of the country, a world where there are glamorous cars and underground parties where profitable transactions are held, a world where there are swallows and some officials They go to have their film released and that official is so-called tame and talkative. Writing these texts before in any media may have been a problem, but the climax works with every film and series in which he plays an investor, making writing more public. These are the professions that are being played in cyberspace and in taxis, and now they are being shown publicly in the new series Awakening, with several stars who may have been played in this work by high salaries.

In the first ten minutes of the series, a Benz car is smashed and it is revealed that the girl in the car had previously worked as a swallow for a gentleman. A gentleman named Nima, who works in the art trade and does whatever he wants with his money, and now, with the help of an old art expert, intends to mold a fake painting into a new work by Sohrab Sepehri. Slowly

Unfortunately, Aghazadeh’s series is in a complete mix, from the sharp and pointless music that can be heard in each of its sequences (from To The Bad Bone to other themes of fast music) to how the texts that want to show the location and time of the film are displayed. Bring it in and even between the scenes that the actors’ faces are shown with the logo of the series every ten minutes and reminds one of the middle of the anime! Aghazadeh wants to forcefully shout that I am a hot and exciting series and find me, he does this by jerking the camera and jumping the screen and raising issues beyond the red line, even where he is openly talking about a pornographic film. Introduces and depicts the laughter of men and women to create an erotic scene, for example.

Actors who seem to be forced into their roles and do not play well, Nikki Karimi appears the worst, and the artificial acting that she shows is more like a puppet than an actress. Among the acting team, Amin Hayaee can pull his kilim out of the water and appear better than the others. The series also performs poorly in its characterization, and although it tries to portray a character named “Manley” as a city girl who falls victim to being a swallow in the system or portrays Nima as a vile nobleman, it does not succeed in either. For example, in the sequence in which Nima smashes a six-billion-toman painting, but later it becomes clear that he actually hangs a fake version in his house and hides the original version, the grandeur and madness of this character is reduced and his cunning is added; It may seem like the right decision, but the series wants to both shovel and nail the story to a cunning money-loving psychic, and his task is not clear to him.

Dosti said that when good money in the field of filmmaking and cinema is in the hands of organizations such as Ouj Organization, it should be folded with them and this budget should be used to create works that cannot be made with small budgets; Like what the fifth season of the Capital series did and was able to take the space of the series to an atmosphere that was not possible before with the budget of this organization. That friend said that accepting the subcutaneous messages that the climax must be in the script of his works can be subcutaneous. Or be accompanied by a sense of nationalism, like the Abu Ghraib Strait film. But the truth is that the peaks and effects he invests in are like a theme to alleviate people’s heartache and grievances.

“Sometimes the power of money outweighs the power of art.” This is one of the dialogues that is heard in the middle of the series and can alone explain a series like Aghazadeh and other propaganda works centered on the climax of the peak. In Aghazadeh, the force of money is more than the force of art, and what is seen more is a baseless mess in which there are specific goals, goals and professions that have been said many times before in private circles and rumors about the Aghazadehs and Their work is complicated, but this time it is scheduled to be shown from an official platform, ie a series. It should be said that the name has been chosen for the series, because Aghazadeh is not much different from a physical Aghazadeh in the real world. They are deprived of access.
دانلود سریال آقازاده

14 Mar 2020

The challenge of not having time, being overweight, and having a bit of physical activity usually happens at the same time. Many people, who have to work regularly, have no opportunity for physical activity or exercise due to long hours of working and working conditions. Also, overweight people are tired of long-term exercise programs, and they lost their motivation. These days, with the advent of new technologies in sports, the limitations have been met. EMS training, which is rapidly expanding in modern countries, has eliminated time constraints and lack of physical activity.

What is EMS training, and when did it start?
EMS, the abbreviation for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, means electrical stimulation of muscles by a new technology in which a training vest is worn, and electrodes are placed on muscle groups. In the traditional way, the nerve impulses are sent from the brain to the muscles and cause contractions; In the EMS exercise, due to the combination of device pressure with traditional exercises, these commands are sent and applied to the muscles simultaneously through the brain and through the electrodes.

What are the benefits of this EMS training?

-There isn’t any pressure on the joints.

– You can save time.

-It is faster and more effective than other ones like kickboxing.

-controlling and training the muscles separately are the main benefits of EMS training.

- A professional personal trainer can help you during EMS training to achieve your goals sooner.

Who can do EMS training?

This method is suitable for age groups from 18 years up to adults ages up to 65years. For those who may or may not want to use aggressive weight loss techniques such as fat removal procedures, EMS training can achieve their desired weights at a much lower cost.

What dietary advice do nutritionists have for those who are currently practicing EMS training?

Due to the increase of creatine kinase enzyme after a workout, drinking large amounts of water is essential to getting rid of excess lactic acid and preventing muscle aches and headaches. The amount of water consumed should be increased so that at least 0.5 liters of water before exercise, 250 cc during practice, and 0.5 liters of water after training should be consumed, and then the body water level should be increased. The high-intensity exercise method mainly requires carbohydrate reserves.

Minerals: In EMS training, due to the high stimulation and utilization of muscle fibers, it is important to eat fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Using Vitamins such as B1, B2, and C, along with EMS exercises, are necessary. Our professional Nutritionistin Toronto provides you valuable consultation.

Who cannot do EMS training?
Since EMS training is a high-intensity exercise, a medical history should be taken by a personal trainer from the person before starting the first training session. Patients with metabolic or muscular diseases (hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc.), autoimmune diseases, and Cardiovascular or respiratory system diseases should be started EMS training with the doctor’s permission. It is suggested to consult a nutritionist before beginning EMS training.


14 Mar 2020

Over-use of sodas can cause discoloration of teeth and increase tooth decay, so people are advised to avoid drinking sodas much as possible. In addition to tooth decay, drinking sodas causes discoloration and yellowing of the teeth that will not be reversible with current treatments. It is better not to drink soda more than twice a week. Carbonated beverages can interfere with calcium absorption, due to the conversion of CO2 into carbonic acid in their constituents, and resulting in skeletal and osteoporosis problems. It is recommended to visit the dental clinic to perform emergency dental treatments on your teeth if they are decayed.

The Harmful Constituents of Sodas

Drinking sugary beverages, such as sodas, has a negative impact, for example, obesity and tooth decay. No matter what kind of beverage you are consuming, all of them cause tooth decay.

1-Sugar in soda

A dental plaque or bacterial plaque is a layer attached to various surfaces of the mouth, including gums and teeth, which feed on the sugar. By drinking soda, which has a high amount of sugar, the dental plaque will build up and damage the enamel.

2- Acids in Soda

Many beverages contain phosphoric acid and citric acid, which both of them destroy the tooth.

3- The Way of Drinking

The way of drinking soda is essential too. Keeping the beverage in the mouth instead of swallowing it quickly causes the drinks to become more acidic and, therefore, more damaging the teeth. As the temperature of the beverage increases in the mouth, the effects of these injuries will increase.

Tooth Decay Process

Carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid, which acts as oxygenated water or teeth whitening. By over-using carbonated drinks, the inner surface of the front teeth will be decayed. It is recommended to use particular kinds of toothpaste containing large amounts of potassium, sodium, and calcium to protect the teeth for a while.

Sugar-Free Sodas and Tooth Decay

Sugar provides the bacteria with energy, and causes them to grow the tooth surface, and increasing the rate of tooth decay. People prefer to use sugar-free sodas. But dentists in dental clinic warn that switching to sugar-free drinks is not enough to prevent tooth decay because they have the same effects as the sugary drinks. Many people think that by reducing the consumption of sugary beverages they can reduce tooth decay, but the combination of chemicals and acids in some foods and drinks effect on dental health. Tooth decay occurs when acid dissolves hard tooth tissue.

Soda causes not only tooth decay but also the sugar in it is associated with obesity and health problems. The best way to have good health is to remove the soda from your diet altogether and replace it with water. But there are ways to minimize the damage to your teeth. For example, you can use a straw for drinking soda to avoid contacting your teeth to soda. You can also rinse your mouth with water after drinking soda to eliminate sugars and acids that cause tooth decay. Then rinse your mouth with a mouthwash containing fluoride h because fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay. It should be noted that avoid brushing for at least one hour after drinking soda. Pediatric dentist can get your children more information to improve the health of their teeth.

About Clove Dental
Clove Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services which can satisfy your cosmetic or oral health needs. Our team of experienced and qualified dentists can perform a variety of dental procedures which include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, and more. We treat our new and existing patients like our family, and from the moment you enter the Clove Dental Clinic, you will be treated warmly from our receptionist and Dr. Hamid Mirlohi. If you are not sure about which service you need, schedule an appointment with our Toronto Dental Clinic anyway, and we’ll make the best recommendation after we give you a dental examination.

More about Clove Dental

Contact info
1110 Sheppard Ave E Unit # 210, North York, ON M2K 2W2, Canada phone: +1 416-221-7468


14 Mar 2020

Unlike some of the biased comments of beneficiaries in cyberspace, Veneers do not completely eliminate the enamel. Using ceramic veneers is one of the modern methods in dentistry that besides beauty in most cases is considered as a therapeutic technique. Many people who suffer from irregularities and tooth decay are not interested in classic treatments such as orthodontics, because in addition to the long-term treatment, which often takes about a year, there may be problems with caring for teeth, brushing and chewing. So, veneers can be an alternative to classic treatment options. Also some Teeth whitening treatments can be provided to make your teeth brighter and whiter.

Installing veneer does not require a complete tooth shaving and does not even destroy the enamel, but under certain conditions the therapist has to remove about three-tenths of a millimeter of surface to prepare and this process does not destroy the enamel of the tooth. Enamel is the toughest material in the human body and even stiffer than bone, and 5% of the enamel is made of calcium minerals, and the installation of ceramic veneer will have no tooth decay effect.

veneers can prevent tooth decay in some cases. In cases of tooth decay, veneers are therapeutic and can be used as a strong protective layer in addition to making brightness and whiteness.

Dental veneers should be treated like real teeth while brushing and flossing are necessary. Try not to bite strong objects.
Modern methods are always used to correct and expedite classical methods, but these days some false and misleading information in cyberspace has made restorative techniques such as veneers fail to be replaced to some aesthetic techniques. The community needs to be more informed by the media.

Formation of a dead tooth

Dying nerves in your teeth lead to the formation of dead teeth. Also, dead nerves in your teeth are sometimes referred to as teeth without pulp. When this happens, the teeth eventually fall off by themselves. But waiting for this to happen can be dangerous because the tooth can get infected and affect other teeth. A dead tooth is not always determined by just looking. Only one dentist can diagnose it, which is why regular visits to your dentist are so important.


Two main causes of tooth death include tooth decay and dental injury.
Tooth decay starts from the outer layer of the tooth, but over time can cause cavities in deeper layers of the tooth. If it left untreated, this condition can reach the pulp and provide a pathway for bacteria to enter the tooth and make the tooth nerves to die. A healthy tooth pulp will have an inflammatory response to bacteria and try to fight with infection, but white blood cells can continue to fight with them for some time. As the pressure inside the tooth increases, blood flow stops and nerve hunger leads to tooth death. These conditions can cause severe pain. A dental Injury can rupture blood vessels and stop blood flow to the tooth. Finally, because the blood does not reach the tooth, the nerve within the tooth will die.

Early treatment is important for the treatment of tooth decay and a dental injury. Even if you do not feel pain, you should seek medical help if you suspect tooth decay because it can cause severe pain in the future. X-ray imaging often helps the dentist to diagnose a dead tooth.


11 Mar 2020

finding the right pediatric dentist for children, who, besides being professional in his or her work, have a friendly relationship with the children is one of the concerns of parents because most of the children avoid going to the emergency dental clinic . One of the things that make pediatric dentistry different from other dentistry branches is the children’s psychology because the dentist must consider the mental state of the child at all stages, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and so on.

Dentists always emphasize the importance of deciduous teeth because the deciduous teeth help the baby to chew better and also improve the pronunciation of words in the child. The baby should be examined regularly six months after the growth of the first deciduous teeth because tooth decay can be prevented if it is diagnosed soon. Since the child’s primary deciduous teeth grow, parents should start taking care of their teeth; for example, it is better not to breastfeed children at night, or if the baby needs to be fed at night, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with water.

Problems Caused by Iron Drops for Children’s Teeth

Unfortunately, some children suffer from anemia and are instructed to take iron drops as prescribed by a pediatric dentist because they are unable to take iron pills. Still, due to the brown pigments in the iron drops, it makes the child’s teeth darker when they are used. For this reason, some parents refuse to use it for their child, but they should know that anemia can cause many problems. Changing in the color of the teeth due to using iron drops is not tooth decay. The discoloration of a child’s teeth is due to a variety of factors, such as the way of eating, type of nutrition, child’s life, or hereditary.

Yellow Teeth of Children

Usually, yellow teeth of children are due to poor oral hygiene, as well as the style and the way of eating. If children do not brush their teeth regularly, it will cause the tartar to gather on the teeth and discoloration of teeth. Teeth whitening treatment helps to keep the teeth healthy, strong, and white. Not paying attention to the tartars can lead to gum diseases as well as tooth decay in a long time. Sometimes brown spots appear on the children’s teeth, which are caused by a variety of factors, such as decays, protein sensitivity to gluten (found in barley and wheat, etc.), or over-use of fluoride. The pediatrician gives you instructions and helps the children with having white and healthy teeth after carefully examining children’s teeth.

Tooth Brushing

Tooth brushing is one of the most important things that humans need to do to keep their teeth healthy from childhood. Parents are one of the first teachers whom the children will imitate them. As the first tooth of children grows, proper maintenance of child’s teeth begins by his parents. Parents should teach their children to brush their teeth regularly to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful.

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